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Astrea Necklace - Sterling Silver

As well as giving her name to a particular species of seashell, Astraea is the Goddess of Innocence in Greek mythology. As the daughter of the Titan deities of dawn and dusk, Astraea took a name meaning “star maiden”, and lived alongside humankind during the Golden Age. When the Iron Age came, she decided to live in the stars, and there she remains as the constellation Virgo, winking down upon us. It is said that when the time comes, she will return to Earth and bring with her another Golden Age of peace and prosperity.


Handcrafted and individually cast. Each piece is unique, which we believe is what gives it its beauty. Nickel and lead free.


Your unique piece of jewellery by Cleopatra's Bling has been handmade using traditional jewellery techniques and exceptional materials.


As we hand craft each piece, slight variations are to be expected and are what make our designs one-of-a-kind.



Sterling silver that is worn regularly requires less care, so we encourage you to wear your silver treasures daily.

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