Jai Vasicek


Titania Ring - 24K Gold Plated


Titania means daughter of the Titans, and the Fairy Queen in Shakespeare's play is as strong and fiery as those figures. One of Uranus' moons bears her name, and she orbits the night sky, white and glowing, passing by the myriad twinkling stars with grace and power. Gem: moonstone.

Handcrafted and individually cast. Each piece is unique, which we believe is what gives it its beauty. Nickel and lead free. 

Your unique piece of jewellery by Cleopatra's Bling has been handmade using traditional jewellery techniques and exceptional materials.


As we hand craft each piece, slight variations are to be expected and are what make our designs one-of-a-kind.


Please be gentle with your treasures and do not apply lotions and perfume while wearing your gold plated pieces. Please avoid water when wearing gold plated jewellery.


Gold has a tendency to scratch, so extra care should be taken when wearing and cleaning to maintain quality and appearance.

Titania Ring - 24K Gold Plated
Titania Ring - 24K Gold Plated

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