Hunter Amos - WASHINGTON

Hunter Amos - FACET

F A C E T 
Hunter Amos is an exciting, young artist whose first solo show is a visual celebration of his interest in the individual. Abstract in style, Hunter's large and small format portraits focus on capturing and refracting the identity of Hollywood luminaries through an original lens, creating images that are both provocative and intimate. 

Based in Byron Bay, 18 years old - Hunter's fascination with the actor's ability to portray a myriad of characters is captured in his distinctively abstract style. Textural layering pays tribute to the multifaceted nature of the actor's craft, while monochromatic shading and detailed lines and complexity of angles add depth. 

Hunter encourages the audience to discover their own vision of his artworks and understand how we relate to these figures that often are inspirations in our lives. 

La bohème

La bohème

- 'The Bohemians' is the latest bold expression from Jai Vasicek. This rich collection of art is inspired by the vibrations of Marrakech, experienced by Jai on his recent travels.

In addition to the originals, limited edition prints and tiles are also available. If you're in Byron Bay, drop by and see the works in the gallery, or browse online to add to your collection.

Live a Lei Life Handmade Lei - 1

Live a Lei Life Handmade Lei's

Live a Lei Life Handmade Lei

Each piece is unique and created with the spirit of Aloha by Live a Lei Life owner Amanda Laukea Wongwui in Oahu, Hawaii.

Woven with pearls, sea grapes, kukui nuts, delicate shells and vibrant raffia, the leis measure between 60-85cm in length.

Jai Vasicek Gallery is an exclusive Australian stockist for Live a Lei Life.

Ohana Originals

Ohana Originals

A technicolour dreamscape inspired by the rolling mountains green & crystal waters blue of the Hawaiian Islands, the spirit of Aloha and the golden thread that binds us all, Jai welcomes ‘Ohana’