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Jai Vasicek is the first Artist in Residence at Osborn House in The Southern Highlands in NSW. Painted during his time at the hotel, Jai was able to immerse himself in the atmosphere of the hotel and allow the surroundings to inspire his process.

Jai's involvement in the hotel goes back to 2020, when he was enlisted by project's designer Linda Boronkay (Soho House) to adorn the walls of the property with hand-painted murals and a bespoke collection of commissioned originals.

Originally a guest house in the late 1800s, Osborn House is steeped in history and old world character. This extends to the surrounding gardens, which with its towering trees and vast outlook to the mountains beyond, has inspired Jai's series of muses that seem to have been born from the grounds themselves.

Jai's murals on the first floor hallways paint a story of wind muses, emerging from the forest and blowing flowers throughout the rooms.